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Together with our generous supporters, MDA is fighting to free kids and adults from the harm of muscle-debilitating diseases so they can live longer and grow stronger. We need caring individuals like you to help us bring more treatments, the best care and life-changing support to families today.


Chris Shimon was born 48 years ago in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He works as an assistant activity coordinator at a care center for the elderly. He is the youngest of five children and, except for a three-year "visit" to Minnesota, he has lived all of his life in the town where he was born.

Chris seems to be a simple, unpretentious man and, by all accounts, he leads a fairly standard life. So why do we feature Chris in this issue of the Legacy of Help & Hope Newsletter? Because Chris has a big caring heart, and enjoys helping others in need.

Each and every one of us can choose to make giving a part of our lives. If we choose to give, and most Americans do, we can give our time, skills and/or our money. When we give of our skills, there is no drain from an account. When we give some of our money, it can be replaced by earning more. But when we give our time, it is a gift of a resource that cannot be replaced; once given, it is gone forever.

That is why we honor Chris in this article. Chris gives on all three levels. He has been volunteering as an MDA Telethon operator in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for 17 years. Chris also helps his local Alzheimer's Association with their Memory Walk. When asked why he volunteers, Chris says he likes to help people who are in need, and he also likes to help organizations that provide services for people in need. Chris says, "If there is anything you think I can do to help, then just let me know and I'll step up to the plate and give it my best effort!"

During the years he's been volunteering, Chris has seen MDA make much progress on the research front. He also knows there is much more to be done and wants to see more progress in the future. So, in addition to his gifts of time and skills, Chris is making a special gift to MDA. The gift won't drain any money from his accounts now, because the gift is a bequest through his Last Will and Testament. This gift is an ultimate gift that will support the MDA after Chris has passed on.

Some may say Chris is an average guy, living in an average American town, leading an average life. On some levels that may be true, but as far as MDA is concerned, Chris is an extraordinary man who has made extraordinary contributions to those who've benefitted from his big, caring heart. Thank you Chris!