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Together with our generous supporters, MDA is fighting to free kids and adults from the harm of muscle-debilitating diseases so they can live longer and grow stronger. We need caring individuals like you to help us bring more treatments, the best care and life-changing support to families today.

Legacy of Help & Hope Society

Society Members (See List)

Joan I. — MA
William and Mary J. — MA
Laura F. — MA
William M. — NH
James F. — CT
Theresa B. — CT
Carol K. — NJ
John G. — NJ
Harold F. — NJ
Mark and Patricia S. — NJ
Jerry T. — NJ
Greta F. — NY
Paul F. — NY
Sonia S. — NY
Neville & Nathaniel F. — NY
Domenica M. — NY
David S. — NY
Kathleen A. — NY
Carol S. and Fred N. — NY
Judy K. — NY
Charlotte B. — NY
Robert and Joan L. — NY
Charlene A. — NY
Margaret B. — PA
Linda "Scotty" D. — PA
Kenneth R. — PA
Earl M. — PA
Herbert F. — DE
Ava Lee M. — MD
Thomas and Theresa B. — MD
Patrick & Karen K. — MD
David D. — VA
Robert E. — VA
Leslie L. — VA
Elsie D. — VA
Frank and Mary Anne G. — NC
Donna J. — NC
Michael and Eileen H. — SC
Barbara R. — GA
Robert C. — GA
Emily Ann M. — GA
Dorothy P. — GA
Mr. & Mrs. William B. — GA
Frances Dnistran — GA
Rick L. — FL
Margaret W. — FL
William and Debra B. — FL
Lillian C. — FL
Judy M. — FL
Sally M. — FL
Lenore E. — FL
Etta Barnett — FL
Connally and Andrea T — FL
Herb and Davida A. — FL
Stephen E. — FL
Pat R. — FL
Susan C. — FL
Lee and Charlene H. — FL
Rosealie L. — FL
Harold L. — FL
Mary W. — FL
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. — FL
Patricia G. — FL
Dorothy R. — FL
Harry F. — FL
David T. — FL
Sandra F. — TN
Linda W. — KY
Robert L, Jr. — OH
Donald and Barbara G. — OH
Anne H. — OH
Jeannie H. — OH
Sharon S. — OH
Janet N. — OH
Ron V. — OH
Melanie C. — OH
Fayne H. — IN
Kathye H. — MI
Wilma T. — MI
Donna K. — MI
Rick & Beverly H. — MI
Chris S. — IA
Josephine N. — WI
Ronald K. — WI
Marilyn M. — MN
Marilyn O. — MT
Lou and Celia G. — IL
David and Roseann V. — IL
Patrick R. — IL
Lori N. — IL
John S. — IL
Monty and Paula F. — MO
Mark M. — MO
Ruse & Jennifer B. — KS
Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. — KS
Maryann A. — OK
F. Wayne R. — TX
Richard S. — TX
Dolores F. — TX
Timothy V. — TX
Edith T. — TX
Rose Mary K. — TX
Douglas & Susan-Marie F. — CO
Jean F. — AZ
Candice M. — AZ
Robert & Shirley F. — AZ
Patricia P. — AZ
Steve V. — AZ
John and Dana R. — AZ
Donald and Roslyn N. — AZ
Mary Ann S. — AZ
Bill G. — NM
Patricia B. — NM
Carol B. — NV
Donald H. — CA
Violet P. — CA
Edna C. — CA
Jerry F. — CA
Rosemarie W. — CA
Joan C. — CA
Sanford Bernstein — CA
Dr. and Mrs. S. — CA
Carol R. — CA
Stan and Edda W. — CA
John and Linda M. — CA
Jane K. — CA
George and Virginia F. — CA
Margrit H. — CA
Gaines P., Jr. — CA
Fred S. — CA
Nichole A. — OR
Glen G. — OR
Katherine S. — WA
Olive B. — WA
Curtis E. — WA
Mel & Susan S. — NY
Nancy B. — NC
Billy M. — LA
Herbert L. — MD
Mary O. — WY
Tammy M. — NV
Roberta P. — HI
Delbert & Patricia G. — PA
Leonard H. — NJ

What Is the Legacy of Help & Hope Society?

The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Legacy of Help & Hope Society is an honorary society created to recognize those who have demonstrated their commitment to helping children and adults with neuromuscular diseases through support of MDA’s international research program and nationwide program of medical and community services. Members have extended their commitment into the future by including a provision in their wills, revocable trusts or other planned gifts to benefit MDA.

It’s easy to join the Legacy of Help & Hope Society, and important benefits are extended to members of this prestigious group. Members of the Society are united by a shared mission: the eradication of neuromuscular diseases.

Honoring Your Support

Your participation in the Legacy of Help & Hope Society makes you an active partner in the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. To recognize your generosity, society members receive:

  • A personalized Legacy of Help & Hope Society certificate.
  • Timely updates on research by MDA-supported scientific investigators to help you remain current on the progress in the search for treatments and cures for neuromuscular diseases.
  • Information about legislation affecting personal estate and gift planning when those changes are enacted.

The Next Step

If you’re considering the benefits of charitable estate planning, complete the information request form or call us at 800-223-6011. If you’ve already arranged for a bequest or other planned gift, please notify us online, by email or by calling MDA’s the Legacy Gifts Department toll free. We would like to thank you and honor your support.